Important Announcement

When I started this, I knew it would involve a lot of trial and error and adaptation. So far, the response has been great, and subscriptions have been strong. However, using social media to promote Things of Caesar has always been central to my plans, and the situation at Twitter has forced me to re-evaluate a bit.

So I've decided to make Things of Caesar free, going forward, starting this week. In the future, I'll explore sponsorships or a paid premium service.

To those who have paid to subscribe--thank you so much, and you will be receiving full refunds soon. Please reach out if you do not receive one.

There's a great global debate on taxation happening right now, and I think the paywall may have been preventing me from fully participating. I'm really looking forward to communicating with a wider audience. If you have not already, please consider subscribing!

(Note: There will be a shorter newsletter later this week, and I'll be taking a break for the Thanksgiving holiday. Full coverage will resume after that!)