Special Announcement

I'm excited to announce to Things of Caesar readers that I will now be offering a new paid subscription–the Emperor Subscription–which will provide bonus content, including interviews with newsmakers and experts in the international tax field.

This will be available for $8 monthly or $80 per year, and you can sign up here. For those who would prefer not to, don't worry–your subscription will not change at all, and you'll still get same newsletter every week for no charge. New subscribers can choose between the two options.

The main, free newsletter is still going to be my focus, but I wanted to offer more for those who want to dive further into these issues.

I've really been floored by the positive feedback I've gotten for Things of Caesar, which I began back in 2022 without any clue whether or not it would work. I've been especially surprised with how loyal and engaged my readers have been–thanks to all of you so much for reading and making this a success.

So, if you've enjoyed Things of Caesar please consider signing up for the Emperor Subscription. The first issue will be this Friday, March 22, and will have an interview with Pascal Saint-Amans, the former director of the Centre for Tax Policy and Administration at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. We discuss the progress of the Two-Pillar Solution as well as the future of the organization.

The bonus content in the future will include more interviews like this, as well as additional pieces commenting on international tax.

If you have any questions or want to provide any feedback, my email is always open at amparkerdc@gmail.com.